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  Licensing and Branding of Noisegames games
Most of our games are available for immediate licensing.
The games can be licensed as they are now, or they can be customized to your specifications.
You are able to add your own logos, graphics and sounds into the actual game.
Also you are free to alter other elements in the game, such as the color scheme, titles, fonts, etc.
You can brand the game to fit perfectly into your website.

The games can be licensed non exclusive, semi exclusive or exclusive for a certain period of time.
Semi exclusive means that the game will be available on your website and on Noisegames.com,
but nobody else apart from you can license it at that time.

Once you licensed a game we will provide you with a .swf file of it and you can host and run it from your server.

We are proud to offer you a highly individual service on licensing and branding.
Please contact us for further information.

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