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Tongue Tied Twin
Blues Trash One Man Band.
BUY EP "blues trash one man band" here www.noisegames.com/records.html
This is the main musical Project of Noisegames musician Christian Buehlmann.
Visit the website here www.tonguetiedtwin.com
Songs and upcoming Shows are here www.myspace.com/tonguetiedtwin
Facebook here www.facebook.com/tonguetiedtwin
The Charitybusker Project
Busking all over the internet for charities.
The busker is singing you a song for a good cause. Click on his hat and you get redirected to
the donation page of the charity his singing for.
the charitybusker project is offering free banners to the web community.
webmasters and website owners are invited to publish the banners on their websites.
Visit the project here www.charitybusker.noisegames.com
The Guitar Tuner
This is a downloadable "tune by ear" guitar tuner that offers 8 different tunings, from standard tuning to
open tunings. Great for slide guitarists to discover new and of course old tunings.
Download the tuner here.
Visit th project here www.guitartuner.noisegames.com
The noisegames bpm-finder is a tool to find out how many
beats per minute (bpm) a particular piece of music or rhythm has got.
Simply click along to to music.
Download this tool here.
Test it here www.bpm-finder.noisegames.com
Lighting Design and Technology.
Fly with the Lichtlaborman and his rocket belt, land safe and soft on the pad.
Visit the project here www.lichtlabor.ch
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