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Noisegames from PC Punk to Desktopblues.
Online gaming is a huge growth area, with millions of people each day logging on and playing. There is a vast range of experiences available, from the frightening lifelike, to the downright silly. Noisegames.com falls somewhere towards the latter, with an addictive set of music-related games that let you unleash your creativity by picking up one of many instruments to jam along with backing music and beats. Silly it might be, but it is certainly fun. I dropped a few links to friends who harbour a secret, unobtainable desire to be a rockstar, only to find that several had already played them!
Now, Im not an economist, and I certainly dont understand the sub-prime mortgage disaster, but from my small sample size of friends I would say that its the millions of wasted work hours spent on "PC-punk" and "Guitar Machine" that are causing the country to slide towards recession. Check them all out on the link above!
Idiomag, January 2008

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